2009 Daytona 500 recap

OK, so about 1/4 of the race didn’t get run due to a rain stoppage (when the forecast was that rain was inevitable). But hey, at least we got all of that 2+ hours of pre-race! We know where NASCAR’s priorities are..

I felt bad for Chris Myers having to go on and on about how great Digger is. This guy is supposed to be the face of Fox sports programming. Could you picture Bob Costas shilling for Digger like that?

Put me squarely in the camp who blame Vickers for the big wreck with his totally insane block, while he was a lap down no less. But, Vickers in his interview afterwards noted that pretty much everybody blocks in plate races and, the man does have a point. The nature of plate racing encourages blocking. NASCAR consistently does nothing about blocking and does nothing about plate races in general. Implicitly, with their lack of action, they are supporting blocking and they are supporting 20-car pileups at every Daytona and Talladega race. Don’t you think most sanctioning bodies would be mortified if there was a 20-car pileup in virtually every one of their ‘safe’ plate races and drivers and fans alike discussed it as if it were an inevitability? At NASCAR it’s all good!

I was disappointed in Bill Elliott’s showing. There was a lot of talk about their prospects in this race but it turned out to be same as usual for Wood Brothers – always in the back of the pack.

For maybe the first time ever, it’s possible to feel sorry for Kyle Busch. He was far and away the class of the field. The guy is in the lead 90% of the race, faster than everyone and more importantly keeping himself in the one spot when you’re not in danger of being collected by the ‘big one’. He finally slips back a few spots for a short while and promptly gets caught up in the big one, triggered by two lapped cars. Horrible luck for Kyle.

The best part of the day was Kenseth getting choked up in victory lane. It’s pretty rare to see any emotion from him but he was overwhelmed winning the 500. That was good to see, as he’s a deserving winner.


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